3 Areas Commonly ignored in skincare regimens

3 Areas Commonly ignored in skincare regimens

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Skincare is not an easy ballgame. While people are rightly starting skin care regimens as early as when they are in their twenties and thirties, there are a few problem areas that are sometimes ignored and neglected and cause issues in the long run. Today, let us take a look at such areas and why is it crucial to not ignore them.

  1. Neck and décolletage:

Our neck and the skin on the areas around our neck like our chest is one of the most neglected areas in skincare. This is actually quite counterproductive as neck skin aging, neck wrinkles and fine lines are few of the most prominent signs of aging. These parts are exposed to the sun and are most vulnerable. Do ensure to use the CTM routine on your neck and also do not forget to use sunscreen every day. Mitchell USA has an anti-aging neck therapy cream which addresses all these issues and keeps your neck skin youthful.

  1. Hands:

Your hands also start looking different as they age. The veins become more prominent because of loss of soft tissue and age spots can also appear. And obviously your hands again are more prominently seen by others. Do take care of your hands by ensuring some basic steps like washing and moisturizing. Mitchell USA has a Clementine infused range specially formulated to take care of your hands. It has a hydrating hand wash and an intense moisturizing lotion that are the best bet for your hands.

  1. Feet:

Feet being the least visible, are often ignored in a skin care regimen. However, if ignored, this can create a lot of issues in the future. Cracked heels and dry feet are not only painful but also detrimental to your feet skin health in the long run. Diabetics have intense problems with cracked heels. Mitchell USA has an anti-aging foot cream that nourishes feet from first use. It has Shea Butter which ensures all-day hydration for feet and it also relieves cracked skin on feet and heels.

Special Mentions:

These 3 parts are often the most neglected skincare areas. However, there are a few more areas that need to be addressed. Your knees, elbows and back are also problem areas that need to be addressed.

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