About Us: Mitchell USA: Top Beauty brand that understands the skincare needs of Indian women

The Legacy

Mitchell USA has been at the forefront of exploration and innovation in beauty and skincare since 1954.

Our incredible journey began with the ‘Mitchell’ clan of the Scotland highlands who have long been revered as the masters of dermatology. The Group later diversified into niche products targeted towards discoloration, aging and flaws in ‘dark’ skins, leading to the birth of Mitchell Cosmetics Ltd.

Today we have spread all over the world to Europe, The Middle & Far East, USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific regions. In the 90’s, we partnered with a group of Swiss scientists to pioneer a revolutionary de-pigmentation therapy that took the global markets by storm.

Over the years, the Mitchell Group and its laboratories in Switzerland, United States and France, continued to reinvent this Scottish myth, with constant research and development of formulations.


Mitchell USA In India

Sunita Ajay Ramnathkar

Driving the Indian Story ahead.


Today Mitchell USA is the first-of-its-kind beauty brand in the country that truly understands the skincare needs of Indian women and combines it with the rich expertise of American Laboratories.

Our incredible voyage to India is helmed by Sunita Ajay Ramnathkar, a veteran and visionary with a unique talent to spot ‘must-have’ products in every woman’s powder room. She was the one who introduced FEM, India first facial bleach brand, when everyone only focused on fairness creams. With the advent of Mitchell, she now heralds a unique new legacy in the Indian skincare story.

It was four decades ago, when Sunita Ramnathkar set out to carve a niche in the field of beauty and superior skincare technologies. Backed by her professional grounding in Bio-Chemistry, she went ahead to address the issues faced by every Indian woman – after understanding their challenges, trials and tribulations up close and personal.

When she launched FEM, India’s first facial bleach brand, in 1981, it instantly became a revolution. Here was a panacea for women who could now safely hide their unwanted facial hair right at home. With her unique knack for spotting opportunities and her admirable business acumen, she turned it into a brand celebrated by women in every Indian household.

During this phenomenal journey, Sunita interacted with millions of Indian women, many of whom believed that beauty and graceful ageing could only be attributed to good genes. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Not a soul to bask in her glories, Sunita set out to scale greater heights of excellence with the launch of her new line from Mitchell USA. She felt it was time to move on and introduce the modern Indian woman to the world's best anti-aging skincare bio technologies.

Sunita acquired a stake in Mitchell USA in 2008, and gained access to extraordinary anti-aging skincare formulations developed in some of the most advanced research laboratories in the world. After dedicating her time and energy towards testing these formulations to suit melanin-rich Indian and South Asian skin, Sunita launched Mitchell USA’s Age-Less range in 2017.



To disseminate superior skincare technologies; sourced from nature and perfected by science!


At Mitchell USA, it is our mission to spread ageless beauty amongst one and all through superior skincare technologies; sourced from nature and perfected by science!

We ensure that our products don't merely adhere to the highest standards and certifications, but exceed the expectations of our customers; endearing us to them.

It has always been our endeavor to create world-class skin and hair care offerings that are closer to nature, safe and effective. Nevertheless, it is more important to us that they not only feel good but uplift the psyche and holistically appeal to every individual.

It is every individual's prerogative to age gracefully, and Mitchell USA is here to make it happen.



Mitchell USA envisages a future where every individual feels confident about himself or herself. It desires a top-of mind recall as the most admired personal care brand that instills chutzpah and self-esteem in every Indian.

We also wish to ceaselessly expand our extensive knowledge about the science of skin and hair care, while we rise above the rest and give back to the community.



Our core values bind our efforts, to help us create offerings that are extraordinary, effective, safe and holistic.

To innovate with passion, which drives us towards excellence, to be ethical in our approach and practice which help us to empower not just our customers, but all our stakeholders together.

Sunita 'wholeheartedly' cherishes this vision, and combined with the organization’s values, desires to bring back the divinity of the Sacred Indian Lotus with its ageless beauty secrets back to where it truly belongs, in India!