5 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than You

Everybody wants glowing, supple and beautiful skin. Yet, not everybody knows that the secret of long-lasting youth is actually quite simple. Aging affects the skin in such a way that you may look way older than you actually are. So the secret actually lies in keeping your visible age lesser than your actual signs. Did you now that we start presenting signs of aging from as early as 25-30 years of age? Let us look at signs of aging and how to prevent them to make you skin look younger and radiant.5 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than You Wrinkles and fine lines – Wrinkles on the skin are a prominent sign of aging. This mainly happens because our collagen fibres get weaker with time. This loosens the skin and make wrinkles appear. 5 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than You Lustreless Skin – When we’re young, our skin naturally glows. As we age, because of depleted moisture in our skin overtime, our skin loses its natural shine and glow. This is another sign of aging. 5 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than You 

Uneven Skin Tone – Age causes uneven complexion patterns because of uneven melanin retention in parts of our skin. This causes an uneven skin tone and makes the skin look older that it actually is.


Dry Skin – If our skin is not hydrated and moisturized properly, our skin becomes dry and dehydrated. When younger, our skin is healthy and naturally has moisture content, giving it a uniform, fresh look. With age, dryness creeps in making our skin look even older.

5 Signs That Show Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than You 

Visible Pores – As we age, the pores of our skin enlarge because of lack of elasticity. This makes the skin look way older.

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