5 Tips and Tricks for Eye Care in The Digital Age

The new normal in Covid times has changed many definitions for us. Our schedules have changed and work from home has increased our screen time exponentially. Following are a few simple eye care tips and tricks to look out for.

5 Tips and Tricks for Eye Care in The Digital Age For those who wear glasses: Consult your ophthalmologist for specific lenses or anti-glare coatings. These really help in reducing the glare from the screen and keeping your eyes strain free and comfortable. 5 Tips and Tricks for Eye Care in The Digital Age

The 20/20/20 Rule: Keep in mind this rule and take frequent breaks. It’s a simple rule that works wonders. After every 20 minutes you look at the screen, look away for 20 seconds and focus on any object that is roughly 20 feet away. This really helps in relaxing your eyes and giving them a much needed break.

5 Tips and Tricks for Eye Care in The Digital Age

Eye Drops: Simple OTC (Over the Counter) eye drops help in lubricating your eyes so that they don’t feel dry. Actually, when you blink your eyes, it serves the same purpose of lubricating your eyes but it is not enough in these times.

Screen Adjustments: Whatever device you are working on has simple adjustments that really help. Reduce the brightness of your laptops or desktops so that the glare isn’t harsh. Opt for a bigger screen for ease in reading. Your mobile phones have a night light mode too which reduces eye strain.  

Hydration: Sometimes, the easiest tricks work the best. In the comfort of your homes, it’s really easy to take a 30 second break after every couple of hours and wash your face and especially eyes. This helps in soothing and hydrating your eyes for longer work hours.

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