6 Hair Care Tips in Winter

6 Hair Care Tips in Winter

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Winter is upon us and though we love sun kissed mornings and cosy evenings there are a few things that we need to ensure. Mainly hair care and skincare. Let us take a look at how to take special care of your hair during winters.

  1. Moisturize your scalp: During winters, due to lack of moisture in the air, our scalp tends to get dry and itchy. This may lead to several issues like dandruff and hair fall. Massaging your scalp with natural oils and good hair care products stops this from happening and also improves the blood circulation topically, stimulating hair growth.


  1. Washing your hair: It is a known fact that your scalp needs the natural oil it secretes, especially during winters. Excessive washing of your hair stops this oil build up and causes further dryness and irritation. To avoid this, keep your hair washing routine to twice a week.


  1. Conditioning your hair: Hair conditioning becomes even more critical in winters. So ensure that you condition your hair after every shampoo session and keep the conditioner on for five more minutes. Also, ensure to use a thick, creamy conditioner that best suits your hair.


  1. Reduce Hair Styling: Your hair is anyway particularly delicate during winters. What happens when you style it is that it becomes more fragile and this causes hair fall. Heat styling tools like straighteners make your hair brittle, more so in winter.


  1. Eat well: A balanced diet enriched with vitamins and proteins is crucial to maintain good hair health in winters. We also tend to drink less water in winters because of the weather. However proper hydration is also as important as a balanced diet. Ensure that you drink sufficient amount of water every day.

  1. Day care and night care: While a specific regime is required for hair care during the day, care during the night time is also key and often times ignored aspect of good hair health. Use good serums or tonics that suit your hair and use them regularly during the day and night properly.

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