Anti-Aging – a preventive measure or a corrective one?

Anti-Aging – a preventive measure or a corrective one?

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Anti-Aging – a preventive measure or a corrective one?

Are you using your anti aging regimen right?

Delay your first wrinkle with an Anti Aging regimen!

We all know that aging is a natural process, though fraught with emotional upheaval. Right from the anxiety of the first wrinkle to the dread of an impending future, the gradual process of aging invites a range of varied emotions. But while some signs of aging may seem alarming, taking proper care of our skin can help us embrace it gracefully.

As the first line of defence we usually resort to topical treatments such as creams, chemical peels, magic lotions and what not, especially for those in their 30s and 40s. But let’s first understand the reasons behind this natural process of aging and how we can tide over them.

Factors that influence aging

It is important to understand that aging is influenced by a plethora of factors. These conditions include our ethnic origin, frequent exposure to the sun which can lead to photoaging, prolonged exposure to environmental pollutants, our genetic composition and how we take care of our skin, and more. While exploring deeper reasons behind aging in your face, factors such as gravity impact, muscles action, loss of volume etc can play an important role. Read more about it here.

Detect the first few signs of aging

According to skin specialists and doctors the most apparent signs of aging range from a darker pigmentation of skin and decreased skin elasticity due to less collagen production, to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As per doctors and dermatologists, it is commonplace for people to start to notice the first few signs of aging in their late 20s, early 30s and 40s. Since the natural skin cycle begins to slow down, it manifests in the form of skin discoloration, sagging, wrinkles as reduction of collagen production takes place. In certain cases, hormonal changes may also trigger an adult form of acne.

It is only natural that taking care of your skin at an early age will help your healthy complexion last long and beyond. Here’s what you can do to prevent and reverse skin aging to a certain extent.

Anti-aging essentials to know

The ideal skincare regimen you should follow as a preventive mode of care or immediately after you notice the first signs of skin aging must include the following:

Cleanse twice a day – Wash your face twice daily, at morning and night with a good facial cleanser, such as our anti-aging Papaya Facial Cleanser, to get rid of the dirt, remove make-up effectively and keep your skin free of environmental pollutants.

Tone your skin – While it is important to tone the skin with replenishing ingredients, after cleansing, a toner should also be able to rebalance the skin’s hydration and soothe sensitive skin. An alcohol-free toner such as ours contains no harsh drying chemicals while also balancing the pH levels.

Moisturize morning and night – Your skin will thank you when you begin your day with a generous dose of moisturization. Choose a moisturizer or a protective sunscreen with an SPF of 45 before you venture out during the day. Besides protecting your skin from the sun this sunscreen with anti-aging ingredients, it will also keep it adequately hydrated. Similarly, don’t forget your moisturizing regimen in the evening.

Protect yourself – No matter what regimen you follow, to keep your skin younger looking for the years to come, never forget to wear a moisturizing sunscreen with a good SPF or Sun Protection Factor when you move out in the day. This will offer you adequate UV protection.

Serum – An anti-aging serum is best suited to skin that tends to remain dry. It makes more sense to apply a serum before your moisturizing routine since they exist in a concentrated form and are generally more easily absorbed into the skin than other creams or lotions.

Eyes reflect the first sign of aging – Taking good care of your eyes can mean warding off those first signs of fine lines. An under-eye cream or an anti-aging serum for the eyes can serve a dual benefit of firming up your skin and removing fine lines as well.

It doesn’t matter what aging can do, you can still keep it at bay if you begin taking care of yourself at a younger age. Remembering to skip sun tanning, and following your skincare regimen religiously will do a world of good for your skin in the years to come.

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