Cold calls answered warmly

Cold calls answered warmly

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There is a hype around the phrase ‘Dry January’ once the New Year sets in. That may be a good practice when it comes to alcohol. But what happens in matters of skin? Who on earth wants a dry month in winter when it comes to a healthy beginning?! We are confident that none. Who would ever look forward to having scratchy, itchy skin to feel uncomfortable in the cold weather? When there are such easy way outs to have smooth, supple, nourished skin!

Nobody likes flaky people, why should they like flaky skin?

The harsh winter weather is an enemy in disguise. The UVA is extreme during the cold season, yet remains hidden to the eye. In the sly it damages the skin without people registering it like the summer months. So how to combat this harm? By using products that are caring, protective and have SPF loaded. Thankfully we have ample in the Mitchell stable to keep us protected and nourished.

The Clementine range knows the winter batting skill

The solution remains in tendering the skin with attention. It needs moisture from time to time, it needs to be lathered up in moisturizers, soaked in oil and sprayed with mists to keep every inch well catered to. Now who on earth has all the time in the world to take constant care of skin, leaving all else behind? That’s why few good people created an angelic solution to solve the tug in the skin syndrome. They discovered the power of Vitamin C to handle skin woes. Mitchell’s unique potion was concocted putting the magic of Vitamin C to full action.

Let’s check out the Clementine miracle range and see what wonders it can do to our skin this winter.

Meet Intense Moisturising from CLEMENTINE range

Bathe in Orange Cleansing Cream and stay hydrated.

So, dip into cream, not ordinary foam. Clementine cream bathing bar is pH balanced, nature powered with a unique Lotus Bio Repair Complex. Being the key to a healthy youthful appearance, it is compatible with all skin types, gently cleansing deep into pores. Also with a boost of oxygen to revive dull skin without causing dryness or irritation.

With Vitamin C and natural brightening moisturizing complex, it rinses away fully for a healthier, softer and younger looking skin with a fresh fragrance of natural orange. All you have to do is bathe with it daily along with Clementine Papaya Facial Wash.

Now address the body with Hand & Body Lotion

For younger looking hands & body, this lotion is your go-to one stop this season. This luxurious dermatologist tested Hand & Body lotion is a protective glove of moisture that locks hydration into your skin. Its Orange oil leaves a pleasant fragrance with a boost of Vitamin ‘C’ to clear lingering free radicals on your hands. Its quick absorb Shea Butter formula is handshake and keyboard friendly, leaving skin soft and supple.

The entire CLEMENTINE range is a boon to your skin during mild to harsh weather conditions during the cold season. You won’t need anything else we promise.

Sacred Lotus has a winter secret in its sleeve

Age-Less armour for the cold

Though created in the USA, the Age-Less range has been rediscovered and redesigned for the Indian skin. Understanding tropical skin conditions and developing products using the knowledge of Sacred Lotus, was the deepest challenge. Everybody in the country can now look skin-nourished in the harsh winter months, especially up north. Mitchell’s effective AGE-LESS regime for flawless, younger skin came in to address the woes. A good daily skin care routine has always remained vital to keep skin clean, hydrated, protected, healthy and glowing. And the range designed with the power of magical Lotus power, takes care of this regime in entirety.

With Peptide hydration, AGE-LESS Skin Energizer lightly hydrates, moisturizes, rejuvenates and energizes stressed skin promoting radiance and luminosity.

It is best used like a day cream, below a foundation, as a base. Used regularly after cleansing, toning and serums in the morning, with upwards strokes in a circular motion, Energiser is sure to perk up your skin many notches above.

Now that your winter skincare routine is fixed, simply start putting it into practise and see the wonder of magic potions do its job for the cold days ahead.

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