Here’s an easy and quick way to ensure happy feet

Here’s an easy and quick way to ensure happy feet

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Skincare routines are perceived to be more about face. Day creams, night creams, moisturizers, your face enjoys most of your attention and money, leaving your feet ignored and unattended to. Despite being exposed to the most unacceptable environment, your feet stand a fair chance of living in obscurity when it comes to practicing a care regime, causing painful damage to the feet.

Why do you need to take care of your feet?

You spend most of your day functioning on your feet, making it work the hardest. Bodyweight, environmental factors, footwears, and many other factors affect the wellbeing of your feet. While scruffy and chapped feet can reduce the beauty quotient, dry and cracked heels can be really painful.

As a result, your face looks young, but your feet don’t. It’s because, just like your face, your feet also show signs of aging and require the same kind of attention and care.

An effective foot cream can change that for you right now and save your feet from the agonizing consequences of not taking care of them.

When winding up your day, a foot massage with a nourishing foot cream can help you relax like nothing else. The massage calms your nerves, boosts the blood circulation, reduces stress, and stimulates sound sleep.

Age-less Anti-aging Feet Softening Cream by Mitchell

It is not always pedicures that your feet require to maintain their health. An easy and pocket-friendly way to ensure healthy feet is to invest in a rich and reliable foot cream. Mitchell’s Age-less Anti-aging Feet Softening Cream is an intensely moisturizing foot cream that penetrates through multiple layers of the skin and nourishes your feet deeply.

This anti-aging foot cream with shea butter and lotus seed extracts relieves dryness, cracks, and soreness in your feet, making them look young and ageless. In addition, the Green Tea Bamboo fragrance in the cream keeps your feet odour-free all day long.

The intense formula nourishes your feet right from the first use, keeps them hydrated, heals the cracked skin, and helps shed the dead skin. It’s non-sticky and quick absorbing properties make it an ideal select for soft and hydrated feet.

How to use Mitchell Age-less Feet Softening Cream 

Decide the quantity of the cream by gauging the condition of your feet. Lightly massage it all over your dry feet and heels after bathing or properly cleaning your feet, and leave it on for a few seconds before wearing socks or shoes.

You can apply the cream directly on your cracked feet before going to the bed.

The cream is dermatologically tested to suit the Indian skin and is fit to use every day.

Footcare regime rather is easy and less time-consuming when you have a versatile product at your disposal. With Mitchell’s Age-less Feet Softening Cream, bring the world of all things healthy to your happy feet. 

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