Look your brightest best.  Imperial Peonies are here to end your quest.

Look your brightest best.
Imperial Peonies are here to end your quest.

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We all talk about Flower Power. Here’s another kind of power that emanates from a beauty bloom. Can you ever imagine a pretty flower carrying so much power that it can be crowned the king? Well, that’s a fact! Peony rules as the crowned majesty in the flower kingdom. Coveted for its beauty and inherent properties, this wonder flower originated in the sacred Mt. Jiri- san in South Korea during spring. And like all things of beauty, peonies spread their wings across the globe in no time. People far and wide started to celebrate the flower magic and hail it as the potent powerhouse. Known as the natural antioxidant to help address flaws, Peony petals also boosts skin clarity and adds radiance. They are born not just to brighten up the season, but they give new life to your skin too.

Turning around the skin story

The skin woes inevitably begins with facing pollution, dirt and humidity, and ends with skin discoloration, rough texture, post- acne marks, aging signs and dark spots. However there is a bright side to the story too. There’s a gentle, brightening skincare routine that can fight all the woes, help fade discoloration and boost clarity for flawless, smooth skin. Time to Lighten Up!

The bright spot is hidden in Peony

Whether you have dark spots, discolorations or rough texture, Lighten Up is gentle, yet an effective skincare routine with ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal! Uniquely formulated to address the causes of flaws, dull skin, the miraculous power of peonies does wonders to visibly improve clarity. Our extensively-researched and scientifically-proven formulas are now here to genuinely address your flaws and fade discolorations with regular usage. Be it day or night, rest assured that you are taken care of throughout.

The day is yours! So Lighten Up

Smooth Radiance: Clarifying Day Cream

Experience the miracle of this moisturizer first hand. With intensive hydration, this unique potion corrects the appearance of rough texture and skin discoloration. Infused with ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal, this formula brightens skin for optimal clarity, helps improve skin tone and smooths rough texture. Armed with UVA and UVB to protect from Photo aging, this day cream provides all day hydration and moisturization if applied once in the morning on a cleansed face.

The night is your charm zone. So Lighten Up Bright Boost – Renewing Night Cream

A skin clarity perfector, induced with the power ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal that visibly helps reduce discoloration, hyperpigmentation and fades skin flaws. All you need to do is apply and go to sleep. Rest assured that it will do its job while you get some shut eye! Wake up to find tan vanishing slowly, skin brightening up skin with a radiant skin tone and restoring suppleness.

Now that your skincare regimen is fixed, simply start putting it into practise and see the wonder of Imperial Peony Petal do its job!

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