The must-have skincare checklist

We recently did a blog about skincare regimens for beginners. Let us now take a look at the ideal skincare products checklist that everyone must have irrespective of whatever stage you’re at in your skincare regimen.

Cleanser – A cleanser is the first and one of the must haves in any checklist. What a cleanser does is that it removes all the dust, dirt, grime and impurities on your face, cleanses it and prepares it for further procedures. It also removes makeup very efficiently. So using a cleanser twice a day, once in the morning and once at night is great for your skin.

Toner – A toner tightens reduces the size of the pores of your skin making it look younger. It also plumps up skin cells to give it a natural glow. Ensure that you use an alcohol free toner which suits your skin. A toner removes any leftover impurities if at all, after cleansing too. A toner also maintains the pH level of your skin and keeps it healthy.

Moisturizer – A moisturizer becomes an extremely crucial skincare product to have in your skincare regimen, especially so in winters. A moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and younger looking. It also works as a great barrier against external factors like dirt and impurities. A moisturizer when used at night, boosts your skin’s natural repairing abilities as well.

Eye Serum – Aging of the skin near your eyes causes wrinkles and other issues like fine lines and crow’s feet. This incidentally becomes one of the most prominent signs of aging. So, using an eye serum addresses these issues along with under eye puffiness and keeps your face healthy and younger looking.

Sunscreen – A sunscreen cream is an underrated product that everyone must use, that too daily. An SPF not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also improves skin elasticity and restores moisture.


Of course there are many more products that are targeted specifically to address areas on your skin like foot cream, neck cream and hair tonics. These products can be incorporated in later stages in your regimen but the above mentioned products are a must have in everybody’s routine. Check out Mitchell USA’s website for all their products. It’s definitely your one stop shop for all these products and many more. All their products have the sacred lotus seed extract which make them amazing anti-aging products. Hurry and check it out now for amazing offers and discounts to make your festive season brighter!