Brightening SAARGOL

At Mitchell USA, we achieve the unimaginable, when ancient wisdom meets modern skin science.

The world’s most expensive spice, Saffron offers an array of benefits for your skin. Cleopatra mixed it with milk to bathe in, the spice was slathered over the body of ancient royalty as a sign of prosperity, Alexander the Great valued it for its ability heal war wounds. Saffron as an ingredient is the ultimate in skin revitalization & skin tone uniformity. SAARGOL is the highest grade of Saffron from Iran.

In pistils of the saffron flower are found two sugars available nowhere and in nothing else, Crocetin and Crocin. These are sugars naturally produced by the saffron flower to protect the pistils: Crocetin first shield them from antioxidants in the growth stage of the flower & crocin modulate dullness, one of the biggest causes of a dull appearance. Applying this to the science of skincare, SAARGOL uses these two sugars to protect the skin from pollutants & antioxidants as it once protected the pistils while also working on all levels of the skin against inflammatory effects to keep cells bright and vibrant.

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