About Mitchell USA

Innovation In Beauty And Skincare Since 1954

At Mitchell USA, we specialize in offering efficacious solutions for pertinent yet universal skin-related issues, such as skin discoloration and aging that afflict many across the globe.

Today, we are present across Europe, USA, Canada, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, with state-of-the-art laboratories in Switzerland, USA and France that are home to some of the most unique and revolutionary formulations.

Our incredible journey dates back to the Mitchell Clan of the Scottish Highlands, known for their mastery over dermatology, long before the commercial coinage of the word itself.

Mitchell USA in India

Sunita Ajay Ramnathkar

Driving the India Story Ahead

We truly understand the skincare needs of Indian women and offer solutions that address skin disorders that are typical to the melanin-rich Indian skin!

Spearheading our India story is, Sunita Ajay Ramnathkar, renowned for creating India’s first facial bleach brand - FEM, back in 1981. A pioneer and visionary in the Indian skincare and beauty industry, Sunita acquired a stake in Mitchell USA in 2008. Through extensive explorations, she soon realised the market need for anti-aging products that are specifically formulated to suit Indian and South Asian skin. Thus, Mitchell USA’s Age-Less range in 2017, designed and conceived in laboratories in USA, especially for the Indian skin. The rest as they say, is history!