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Mitchell USA Professional is the first-of-its-kind truly anti-aging Salon brand for Indian women.

Dive in to know more and access our world-class skincare formulations developed in our American Labs.

Mitchell USA is the first-of-its-kind anti-aging and professional care brand in the country that truly understands the skincare needs of Indian women.
It combines this understanding with the rich expertise of American Laboratories to develop world-class formulations that are dermatologically tested for Indian skin.
Mitchell USA Professional is our wholly-owned division, wherein we develop products built on the very same ethics and principles, and exclusively caters to salons.

Introducing the Advanced
Radiance Treatment by Mitchell USA

Grow your beauty business manifold

Mitchell USA's new Salon skincare regime will pamper your customers! Let them experience our line of Advanced Radiance Treatment formulations and Grow your business manifold.

Available in: Single Use Trial Packs and regular sizes for Salon use.

Mitchell USA introduces you to its new skincare regime - a line of both new and upcoming formulations specially crafted for skin radiance and glow – created exclusively for premium Salons! The Salon Professional Regime with its advanced radiance treatment formulations will help you cater to your customer’s needs better and pamper them like never before – eventually generating more business for you in return! Also available in Single Use Trial Packs for first time customers and regular Salon sizes for consistent economical use thereafter.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Dermatologically Tested for Indian Skin
  • Reduces Melanin formation
  • Enhances glowing complexion
  • Prevents uneven skin tone, spots, pigmentation & blemishes
  • Enriched with Arbutin, Soy Protein, Extracts of Aloe Vera, Papaya and        jojoba, Passion Fruit Oil, Vitamin C & E  


Papaya Brightening Cleanser -
Anti-aging Face Wash (200ml)
Brightening Face Wash
₹ 550.00

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Skin Polish Insta-Brite Exfoliating Cream (200gm)
Removes Dead Cells
₹ 1,010.00

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Alcohol-free Facial Toner

Prepares Skin for Regimen 
₹ 610.00

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Hydrating Massage Gel (200gm)
Improves Complexion
₹ 800.00

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Nourishing Massage Cream (200gm)
Tightens & Brightens
₹ 800.00

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Face Sculpting Mask (200gm)
Defines Facial Contours
₹ 1,455.00

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Age-Less SPF 45 (50ml)
Moisturizing Sunscreen
₹ 1,050.00 

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7-Steps Facial Kit (6 Trial Packs)

Advanced Radiance Treatment
₹ 1850.00 

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