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Essential Skincare Kit (Age 31-40)

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Follow these steps to use the Winter Care Regimen effectively:

Step 1: Insta-Brite Skin Polish: Exfoliates skin
Step 2: Papaya Face Wash: Cleanses skin effectively
Step 3: Alcohol Free Toner: Tones to tighten pores
Step 4: SPF45 Sunscreen: Protection from Sun
Step 5: Lineless Eye Complex Under-eye Serum: Reduces Dark Circles

Step 6: Anti-aging Hair Tonic Combo - Day + Night Hair Tonic: Strong & Beautiful Hair Regimen

Control the first signs of aging 

Skincare becomes essential in your 30s as the oil glands are slowing down along with the rate of cell turnover. The first signs of aging may begin to appear such as dullness, uneven skin tone, and fine lines. Regular exfoliation, cleansing and sun protection are vital for a good skincare regimen. Your hair also needs more attention. A good anti-aging hair care regimen should suffice.

Step 1: Exfoliate - Insta-Brite Skin Polish (Up to twice a week)

To begin with, it is extremely important to exfoliate and gently clear the dead skin cells off the skin’s surface. The Insta-Brite Skin Polish is ultra-gentle and super mild on your skin. It ensures gentle exfoliation to make your skin smoother and more receptive for deeper absorption of essential nutrients from your follow-up regime. Read more

Step 2: Cleanse - Papaya Anti-Aging Face Wash – (Use daily)

Use the Papaya Facial Cleanser first which is a triple action, anti-aging face wash. It effectively brightens the skin by cleansing dirt, make-up and pollutants. Besides softening the skin it doesn’t strip it away of natural moisture. This facewash contains anti-aging Sacred Lotus seed extracts that keep it looking young and ageless. Read more

Step 3: Tone - Alcohol-free Facial Toner – (Use daily)

After cleansing, dry your face before using the Alcohol-free Facial Toner. This toner is free of harsh drying chemicals and helps restore the natural pH levels of the skin. It helps tighten the pores and turn them upwards, to make them receptive to nutrients from your follow-up moisturization regimen. Read more

Step 4: Age Prevention Sunscreen SPF 45 - (Use twice or as required daily)

After moisturization, it is important to use a sunscreen before heading out in the sun. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays. The Age Prevention is a richly moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 45 that blocks 98% of UV rays. It is oil-free and water-proof too. Read more

Step 5: Under-eye Serum for Dark Circles - Lineless Eye Complex – (Use twice daily)

Get rid of dark circles, eye puffiness and wrinkles effortlessly with the Lineless Eye Complex. It is a lightweight under-eye serum fortified with wrinkle-fighting peptides that penetrate deeper into the skin to boost circulation and help reduce crow’s feet and minimize fine lines. Read more

Step 6: Strong & Beautiful Hair Regimen

Step 6: Strong & Beautiful Hair Regimen

Anti-aging Hair Tonic Combo - Day + Night Hair Tonic (Use Daily)

Step 1: The Day Hair Tonic, for shaft vitalization, revitalizes hair follicles, smoothens hair and protects it from harmful UV rays. Hair that gets frizzier due to age, pollution and other environmental factors gets all-day hair moisturization with this non-sticky hair tonic. Read more

Step 2: The Night Hair Tonic, for scalp nourishment, is an aqua-based treat for your scalp and encourages new hair growth. Besides controlling aging of hair, it also nourishes and energizes hair and reduces hair fall and greying. Read more

Essential Skincare Kit (Age 31-40)

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