5 Benefits of Facial/Skin Toner!

Toning is one of the most fundamental skincare routines that is very essential and beneficial for your skin. But what exactly is toning and what does it do? How does it help you? Let’s find out all you need to know about toning.

Toning is a process that essentially minimizes the appearance of your skin pores by shrinking them. Any CTM routine is incomplete without toning and it’s one of the simplest yet crucial procedures to follow for your skin.

When to use toner? – Use a skin toner twice a day generally in your CTM routine after cleansing and before moisturizing. When you apply in the morning after your bath, it helps remove oil from your skin that may have built overnight. And in the evening, skin toner helps remove dust/dirt and pollution build-up that occurs during the day and also to properly remove make up if you do put some. So toning twice a day in the morning and evening will work wonders for your skin.

Now let us take a look at 5 amazing benefits that toning gives your skin.


Minimizing the pores – Apart from giving your skin a fresh, polished and glowing look, this also helps in making other skincare routines more effective as they penetrate better. Reduction in the pore size also helps in protecting your skin from environmental factors like dust and sunrays.

Tightens your skin – Toning tightens your skin temporarily giving it a firmer and younger look right away. Refreshing – Toning as a process is highly refreshing and rejuvenating for you skin. Toning twice a day for a few days will immediately make a noticeable difference in the appearance and feel of your skin.

Soothing – A suitable skin toner is amazingly calming. It also immediately acts on blemishes like acne and blackheads, giving you a very gentle soothing feeling.


Hydration – A good facial toner helps in retaining the moisture in your skin which is naturally beneficial for your skin. It also helps in increasing the absorption of the moisturizer that you will use in your CTM routine after toning.

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