What is Tech Neck and How Can You Prevent It?

Tech neck aka text neck is a new age issue that you might have heard of. The scientific name for this is Cervical Kyphosis. Today, everybody is hooked on to their phones and laptop screens. The reasons for this can be personal and professional, however the ramifications are universal.  While we check our WhatsApps and mails, Instagram and YouTube, we position our necks in to a hyperextended, overstressed and strained forward curve, changing the shape of our cervical spine (neck area). This can cause some severe orthopaedic problems, the effects of which can be long term and short term.

Tech Neck can cause a multitude of problems like shoulder pain, headaches, stiffness and many more. Another significant ramification of tech neck is wrinkling of the skin area as wrinkles are basically caused by repeating a motion time and again. Today we will look at how we can tackle the tech neck issue and wrinkles and neck lines caused by it.

Position of your phone/screen – Ensure that you break your habit of looking down towards your screens and position the screens in such a way that your neck is as straight as possible while using your gadgets. This way your neck doesn’t fold over itself and reduces the chances of lines and wrinkles.  Neck Exercises – Consult a physiotherapist or a trained expert to train you with exercises that reverse the tech neck issue curatively or strengthen your neck and spine muscles pre-emptively to prevent tech neck. Such exercises may include guided neck rotations and extensions. Do Not do these without expert help. 

Exfoliate your Neck – While following your daily skin regimen make sure that you include your neck. Apart from that, exfoliate your neck skin once a week with products that suit your skin. This helps in preventing neck wrinkles and slows down the aging process.

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