Banish Dry Skin Woes With Clementine: Discover The Magic Of Vitamin C

Banish Dry Skin Woes With Clementine: Discover The Magic Of Vitamin C

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When you feel the skin pull,
Put the power of Vit C to full.

Are you feeling the tug in your skin? The answer is yes because winter is in the air. But it’s also the season of tugging on the heart! Be it festivities, celebrations, weddings or picnics, it’s that time of the year when people get together, feel happy, get dressed and show up! And in all of that the skin show is a vital guest! Now skin can’t afford to be rough or dry or crinkling. But that’s just exactly how skin starts to behave. Precisely like a cranky child!

Orange is the front-line warrior

The only solution remains in tendering the skin with attention. Just like a cranky child is attention-seeking, so is our skin. It needs moisture from time to time, it needs to be lathered up in moisturizers, soaked in oil and sprayed with mists to keep every inch well catered to. Now who on earth has all the time in the world to take constant care of skin, leaving all else behind? That’s why few good people created an angelic solution to solve the tug in the skin syndrome. They discovered the power of Vitamin C to handle skin woes. Mitchell’s unique potion was concocted putting the magic of Vitamin C to full action.

Let’s check out the miracle lotion and see what wonders it can do to our skin this winter.

Meet CLEMENTINE Intense Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion

For younger looking hands & body, this lotion is your go-to one stop this season. This luxurious dermatologist tested hand & Body lotion is a protective glove of moisture that locks hydration into your skin. Its Orange oil leaves a pleasant fragrance with a boost of Vitamin ‘C’ to clear lingering free radicals on your hands. Its quick absorb Shea Butter formula is handshake and keyboard friendly, leaving skin soft and supple.

How to bring this magic onto your skin?

All you have to do is apply liberally throughout the day and gently massage your hands and body. Best used after applying the Cleansing Cream Bathing Bar, which gives you the feel of lathering up in luxury. The entire CLEMENTINE range is a boon to your skin during mild to harsh weather conditions during the cold season. You won’t need anything else we promise.

Now that your primary concern of dry skin is solved, it’s time you can concentrate on your face which is of prime importance. With your body feeling youthful and supple, it’s time to go and conquer the world. Let the pull be only of a good life and of a great appearance.

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