Say goodbye to 2023. And also, to dry skin!

Say goodbye to 2023. And also, to dry skin!

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BARring the dryness on skin

All festivities are knocking at the door and your skin is starting to act all dried up and crinkly! So, is the thought of dry, flaky skin during winter making you shudder? We know that the very thought of itchy, patchy skin sends shudders down your spine! Lathering up in suds and soaking in a hot tub also adds to draining the moisture from your skin, making it extra dry. So, how to handle winters without the fear of scratchy skin? The only way out is to make the bathing experience luxurious and moisturizing. Time to reverse the fear and make skin soft, supple and radiant after a bath. Wait and watch!

Bathe off your fears this winter!

This winter when the question looms large as to how to overcome the woe of dryness, just smile and know that you have the answer. You can soak, feel happy, smile to yourself and make your skin smile too! All you have to do is lather yourself up with Vit C.

Oranges are for bathing!

As one of the best sources of Vitamin ‘C’, the addition of pure Orange Oil, in any beauty routine acts as an astringent and locks in hydration. As we age, the skin’s hydration level and moisture drop. But regular use helps improve the overall texture of the skin. Also enhances skin cell rejuvenation and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Get your Vit C quotient rising with Clementine power!

Time to bathe in Orange cream and stay young!

So, dip into cream, not ordinary foam. Clementine Cleansing Cream bar is pH balanced; nature powered with a unique Lotus Bio Repair Complex. Being the key to a healthy youthful appearance, it is compatible with all skin types, gently cleansing deep into pores. Also, with a boost of oxygen to revive dull skin without causing dryness or irritation.

With Vitamin C and natural brightening & moisturizing complex, it rinses away fully for healthier, softer and younger looking skin with a fresh fragrance of natural orange. All you have to do is bathe with it daily along with Clementine Papaya Facial Wash.

So, get set for a refreshing feel this winter. No more fear of dehydrated, flaky skin! Think Clementine bathing bar and rethink our love for luxurious lather. Time to think afresh.

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