Water-based Hair Tonic, The Secret to Finally Stop Hair Fall!

Water-based Hair Tonic, The Secret to Finally Stop Hair Fall!

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While pimples, acne, and other skin-related problems pose a lot of stress on one side, the other major issue that stresses us is hairfall. Though it is a common problem that most of us face, dealing with it in the right way is an arduous task. There are more issues related to hair like hair fall, dandruff, hair breakage, thinning of hair etc... and the hair tonic would be the best remedy to treat all the hair-related problems. Before looking into the solution, let us ponder the causes of the hair problems.causes of hair problems Causes of hair related problems:

While hair fall or other hair-related problems create stress, we should also note that stress is the main culprit that leads to hair fall. So, the major factors that contribute to hair related problems are stress, heredity, hormone-related changes, medications, radiation therapy, excessive use of hair products that are composed of harsh chemicals, skin infections that are caused by a fungus, and bacteria, vitamin deficiency, and excessive bleaching, curling etc..Apart from this, environmental pollution also plays a major role. The first step to combat hair-related problems is to try to resolve these causes to an extent. As mentioned earlier, a hair tonic could definitely be a good solution to all such problems. Know more about the causes for hair loss:

What is a Hair Tonic? 

Hair tonic is the best hair grooming product that usually comes in the form of liquid. It makes your hair healthy and gives a glossier look. Barbers widely use it too to facilitate easy haircutting. We can conclude that it is an all-in-one remedy for all hair-related problems. 

How to use a Hair Tonic? 

Take a brush and gently dip it in the hair tonic. Apply it in the hair and on the scalp. Give a gentle massage on the scalp with it. Massaging will help enhance the scalp health in the desired way and the hair tonic adds the essential moisture. Yes, using a hair tonic is just simple, but its benefits are innumerable.gentle hair massage When to use a Hair Tonic? 

It is advisable to use a hair tonic when the hair is damp, but it can also be used with dry hair.

Mitchell Hair Tonic, the best hair growth tonic:

While there are many hair tonics available, let us dive in to understand a few things that make Mitchell Hair Tonic the best hair tonic. instant hair growth Mitchell USA brand is really unique as it offers two separate hair tonics, Day Hair Tonic and Night Hair Tonic. As the name indicates, day hair tonic is used during the day time and night hair tonic is used during the night time. While the day hair tonic is oil based, the night hair tonic is water-based. An added advantage with the water-based hair tonic is that it readily facilitates effective penetration into the scalp in comparison to the conventional oil-based hair tonics.

  • It rejuvenates hair follicles.
  • It prevents hair breakage
  • It renders protection from the sun's detrimental ultraviolet rays.
  • It promises smooth and moisturized hair
  • It stimulates new hair growth and boosts the hair density
  • Aging hair will just become a nightmare.
  • It diminishes hair fall to a greater extent.
  • It provides the necessary nourishment to the hair and scalp.
  • It retains freshness and glossiness throughout making you devoid of bad hair day.

Day Hair Tonic:

Age is just a number, but as our number increases, we are prone to a lot of hair-related problems due to several factors that we come across throughout the day. Being susceptible to pollution, our hair suffers wear and tear and ultimately loses its health. Introducing our hair to the best tonic would help us stay back from hair damage and sustain our health. It improves hair density and halts thinning of hair. This hair tonic nourishes the hair follicles and extends a protective layer on the shaft against the harmful UV rays.

Special features of day hair tonic:

  • Hair follicles vitalization
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays
  • Non-sticky nutriment for dry hair
  • All-day hair moisturization
  • Guarantees glossy hair
  • Nourishes the hair follicles
Steps to use it effectively:
  • Apply a few drops of the hair tonic every morning on your dry or damp hair. It should be a must-have product as a part of your daily hair care routine.
  • Add a few drops and gently massage on the shaft thoroughly before accomplishing your regular hair care.

Night Hair Tonic:

It is an aqua-based tonic suitable for your hair and scalp. Being water-based is certainly the best advantage of it as compared to the normal oil-based hair tonics. While we use the day hair tonic during the daytime, night hair tonic is used at night. One may wonder as to why two such different tonics should be used. Why should we use a night hair tonic while we have already used the day hair tonic? Here are the reasons to make one understand that it is really essential to use this hair tonic at night. It fights hair aging and greying. While we sleep peacefully, the hair tonic acts upon the dry scalp and nourishes it, thereby retaining the freshness and moisture of your hair. Also, hair fall will no longer stress and strain you as it vanishes with the regular usage of night hair tonic. Be it any product, consistent usage really matters, and some products might even need months or years of consistent usage to show a visible difference. But this hair tonic is really magical indeed; within just 15 days of regular and consistent usage, it diminishes hair fall and brings in new hair growth. It energizes your hair and helps you retain a younger look. 

Special features of night hair tonic:

  • Regenerates hair follicles
  • Sways Aging of Hair
  • Fosters and vitalizes dry hair
  • Minimizes hair fall and greying of hair
Steps to use it effectively:
  • It is not really essential to have a hair bath at night before using this tonic. It can be used liberally.
  • You will need to just apply this hair tonic and then gently massage it on your scalp every night.
While most hair care and skin care products are mainly made for women, this magical product is ideal for both men and women. Both men and women can use this combo regularly to experience the desired results. Check out Mitchell's Day Hair Tonic & Night Hair Tonic: Having read in detail about hair tonics and its usage, it is now your turn to effectively use the best hair tonic regularly. Choose wisely consulting your hair dermatologist and use the best hair tonic to let your hair down!
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