Body Positivity gets a whole new meaning

Body Positivity gets a whole new meaning

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Why should the face take it all? We mean the attention. That’s a bias we must address. A fair balance is called for the rest of the body. Let the face take more…but definitely not ALL of it! We tend to slant towards our face. Our entire limelight is hogged by the face and the rest of the body is left lurking for attention. The wintry winds are still blowing. Drying up our skin and creating havoc with itch and scaly texture. And the body is craving for the care it needs to stay supple, glowing and radiant. What better fit than a bottle of elixir that has all the goodness packed in!

Here is Mitchell’s Clear Balance Revitalizing Body Oil. An oil that can make the body feel no less pampered than any other parts. Application of which is sure to bring about the radiance with the superpower of Saargol!

As exotic as the name sounds
Saargol glow knows no bound

Shhh! Time to reveal one more secret! This saffron is rare and costs like gold. Named Saargol, it is genuinely rare, since it is found only in Iran. The potency of Saargol extract is phenomenally higher compared to ordinary saffron.

Known to be one of the most expensive spices around the world, it offers an array of benefits for the skin. Saffron as an ingredient is the ultimate in skin revitalization and skin tone uniformity. With a heavy concentration of premium grades of Saffron, it defies all signs of dullness. Leaving no scope unturned, Mitchell’s Clear Balance has released a new line of skin care that gets its power from a floral ingredient truly more precious than gold.

The shine called Saargol

Now, when they say it’s more precious than the good bling, they mean it. It blooms once a year in the autumn and its source, the crocus plant, which has to be harvested before the sun rises. The three crimson pistils that contain the precious saffron have to be plucked out by hand, and it takes 150 flowers to produce one gram of the high-value ingredient. Cleopatra mixed it with milk to bathe in, the spice was slathered over the body of ancient royalty as a sign of prosperity. Alexander the Great valued it for its ability to heal war wounds. No wonders Mitchell was honoured to receive the brand trademark!

Detailed, precious, rich and rare

Efficacy is all in the extraction process. ‘SAARGOL’ uses a 4-step process which involves a constant distillation to make the most of its already powerful skin brightening properties. The essence of the pistils are extracted, clarified, distilled then concentrated for maximum potency, four steps that result in more crocin crocetin than the first group of extract. The potency in formula paired with the invigorating scent of Saffron.

Open the bottle, and don’t be bottled up

Mitchell USA’s new introduction of Clear Balance Revitalizing Body Oil is a powerhouse. Not only does it transform the body but is capable of impacting the mind. Relaxing it with the calming properties that stems from the infusion of powerful ingredients. Take a shower and massage a generous dose of the oil on your damp skin. Let the goodness of saffron, skin-softening properties of Olives, anti-aging benefits of Argan, moisturizing nature of Macadamia and the magic of Acai and passion fruit penetrate your skin. You will soon experience your skin turn radiant, nourished from within and supple to touch. Also feel exalted when you see your scars vanish and uneven skin tone smoothen up. Apply liberally all over body and face, morning and night. The potent elixir is all loaded with natural oils that protects your skin from the ill-effects of free radicals and also exfoliates from within to heal it faster. Clear Balance Revitalizing Body Oil is quick- absorbing, non-sticky and leaves no stains on garments. Regular usage ensures that your skin gets totally transformed from deep within and is left feeling lusciously smooth and silky.

So, it's time your body starts glowing like your bulb-like glowing face. Apply Clear Balance Revitalizing Body Oil and see your body turn into a new one.

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