Winter means all things dry  Time to give skincare the right try

Winter means all things dry
Time to give skincare the right try

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When do you feel the urge to drink water? Almost everybody will answer when they are thirsty. But what happens when your skin feels thirsty? What are the signs that are tell-tell red flags of skin dehydration, especially during winters? Well, it can range from wrinkles, stretched feelings, itchiness, red patches to varied kinds of skin rashes. Get to know the signs early, so as to make quick changes in your daily routine and check the disaster from happening.

Drawing energy from the secret sources

Hydration becomes your skin-therapy during winters, as it not only locks in the moisture of the skin, but also deeply hydrates the skin cells. That in turn helps you to keep the skin supple, nourished and moisturised from within. Due to seasonal changes, taking extra care of your skin becomes all the more important. Re- applying moisturizer every now and then is highly recommended during winters. However with the right skincare product, this step can be well avoided. So, it’s essential to get the right products based on your skin type. Mitchell’s AGE-LESS Skin Energizer does both-moisturizes and hydrates, and on top lasts longer.

A formula for quenching the skin thirst

The miracle is done by the hidden Sacred Lotus seed. So what is the miracle ingredient in there? A protein repair enzyme called L- isoaspartyl methyltransferase (MT) in it. When dermatologists tested an extract of the Sacred Lotus seed in skin care formula, the protein repair enzyme, with a rich blend of antioxidants, it had an amazing anti-aging effect on the skin. Clinical tests in the US showed the skin care formula with the ‘Lotus Seed’ extract reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles, by as much as 50%, and increased elasticity up to 82% over 4 weeks.

Thus germinated the idea of AGE-LESS. Though created in the USA, the Age-Less range has been rediscovered and redesigned for the Indian skin. Understanding tropical skin conditions and developing products using the knowledge of Sacred Lotus, was the deepest challenge. Mitchell’s effective AGE-LESS regime for hydrated, nourished skin came in to address the wintry woes. A good daily skin care routine has always remained vital to keep skin clean, hydrated, protected, healthy and glowing. And the AGE-LESS Energiser, designed with the power of magical Lotus power, takes care of the winter damage effectively.

One bottle does it all

With Peptide hydration, AGE-LESS Skin Energizer lightly hydrates, moisturizes, rejuvenates and energizes stressed skin, promotes radiance and luminosity. Best used like a Day Cream below foundation as a base. Advised to use regularly after cleansing, toning and serums in the morning.

Now say bye bye to the winter red flags and take the woes in your stride. Get energised inside out and flaunt your hydrated skin for all to take note. Time to prove that if winter is harsh, skincare can be soft on the contrary.

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