Trying to Combat Lockdown Ageing? Here is a Solution!

Trying to Combat Lockdown Ageing? Here is a Solution!

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While lockdown is closely associated with a pandemic, are you wondering how lockdown is associated with ageing? Unquestionably, lockdown is even more closely linked with ageing, and it, in fact, has introduced to us a new terminology, 'Lockdown ageing'. Here is a detailed blog that would help you get acquainted with all the essential information about this pandemic-induced beauty spoiler.

What is lockdown ageing?

The first question that strikes our mind is what is this lockdown ageing. It is a term that is coined to denote the impact that the lockdown has enforced upon one's physical appearance and mental wellbeing.

Here are some of the reasons due to which lockdown ageing arises:

  • It is necessarily the stress that is built in due to the lockdown that contributes majorly in treating skin problems. In fact, studies have shown that stress generated out of fear of Covid 19 has led to premature ageing.
  • In addition to stress, an unhealthy lifestyle adds fuel to this.
  • Video calls via google meet. Zoom etc..have become common now and it strongly has a negative impact on one's physical appearance too.
  • Most importantly, taking up a lot of junk without doing much physical work has become a daily routine in this lockdown. Naturally, it contributes to the ageing process.
Know more about anti-ageing:

Is it possible to overcome this?

While the pandemic poses a severe threat to our health, we fail to concentrate on other things that are very essential for our healthy living.
Following a healthy lifestyle during this lockdown and following all the precautionary measures to combat the health hazards, it is certainly viable to fight both health and skin related problems.

Here are the different ways to combat lockdown ageing:

overcome stress  

1. Overcome stress with ease:

Cortisol is a stress hormone. The adrenal cortex secretes cortisol and cortisol holds prime responsibility in the following:
  • Breakdown of protein into amino acids
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Has a firm control on your sleep and wake upcycle
  • Manages the use of the vital nutrients in our body
  • Boosts energy to combat stress
High or low cortisol levels can affect our health. Also, when our body is constantly subjected to stress, it further aggravates the ailments and causes:
  • Headache
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Heart diseases
  • Memory and concentration-related problems
balance cortisol levels Keeping in consideration the following, we need to manage stress efficiently. Here are the significant ways to lower cortisol levels:
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Regular exercise
  • Indulge in fun activities that will divert you from being stressed
  • Yoga/meditation
  • Maintain a good social relationship
  • Healthy diet (includes dark chocolate, green tea, pear, yoghurt, banana etc..)
  • Proper hydration of the body
  • Read good books

Self-care is the best care

With stress overbuilt, we tend to forget to follow our routine skin care procedures. However, it is highly essential to follow them even during tough times, failing to aggravate health-related problems. A gentle massage, face pack, hair pack etc..can help one lower the cortisol levels naturally.

Minimise screen time

It is natural that during lockdown the pertinent use of mobile or computer screens have gone high. It exposes our body to blue light that accelerates the oxidation process, triggers stress, and damages healthy cells. The best way suggested is to reduce the screen time, but sometimes it might not be feasible due to work from home. Alternatively, try these products to screen yourself from this blue light:

Spend time with nature

With lockdown and government-imposed restrictions, we are between a rock and a Hard Place, and it might not be feasible to spend time with nature. But, spending time with nature is a ray of sunshine. Just step outside your house (within the premises, be upstairs where there are no chances to contact others) and get enough sunlight and breathe in the fresh air. Also, keep all the windows and doors of your house open so that you can breathe in fresh oxygen. To weather, this storm, devise in such safe and secured ways by which you can easily combat lockdown ageing.

Get more collagen

We are up the creek due to this pandemic, but we can manage it well if we supplement our diet with extra collagens. There are a lot of food items that are good sources of collagen. For example, chicken skin, fish skin, chicken cartilage, nuts, beans, and grains are rich in collagen and can be added to our existing diet so that our body can utilize it for retaining your younger looks. Learn more about collagen and collagen supplementscollagen supplements

Be devoid of harmful habits like smoking and consuming alcohol

While smoking and drinking have considerably increased to cope up stress built-in during this lockdown, these habits are to be put to a halt. Being devoid of these habits would help you combat wrinkles, fine lines and premature ageing evident during this lockdown. Having batted in detail the reasons, effects and strategies to combat lockdown ageing, it is evident that the magic wand to overcome this is entrusted in our hands. So secure yourself from this lockdown ageing and stay young forever!

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