7 Vegetable Peels That Ensure a Smooth and Glowing Skin!

7 Vegetable Peels That Ensure a Smooth and Glowing Skin!

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Come rain or shine, we try ample methods to take care of our skin. It is well known that regular intake of healthy fruits and vegetables is essential to flaunt a healthy and glowing skin. Added to this, use of vegetable wastes as an external application helps combat a lot of skin problems and ensures glowing skin. Understanding the effective usage of vegetable wastes in taking the best care of our skin will help us sustain our natural skin health without dumping a lot of money in beauty parlours.vegetable waste for skin care We often peel the skin of many vegetables like radish, potato, beetroot, yam, etc.. before we cook and consume them. We just throw off the peels and enjoy cooking the fleshy part of the vegetable. Some of us decompose those wastes and use it for gardening. Apart from this, vegetable wastes can also cut down your expenses on your skin care routine. They provide a variety of benefits like skin whitening, treating acne, etc..Once you start using them in your daily routine, you will never want to dispose of them. Moreover vegetables are our daily and essential need and so we need not spend extra on buying vegetables and utilising the peels for skin care. This is also a natural remedy and will never lead to any damage or side effects. Now, these vegetable extracts are even a part of most of the skin care creams. So, to understand the effective usage of vegetable peels in our daily skin care routine, let us quickly skim through how different vegetable wastes effectively aid in skin whitening.

7 vegetable peels that ensure glowing skin:

  1. Yam peel:

Planning to cook yam today? Then, once you peel the skin off from the yam, do not throw it out. Just clean it so that there are no mud stains and then grind it in a mixer to make a fine paste and finally use it as a face mask. It is advisable to use this face mask once in a week to have no more distress due to tanned skin. As a result of this, skin gets whitened and this face pack ensures you a glowing and healthy skin.
  1. Radish peel

Are you making radish sambar today at home? Just collect the radish peel that you usually dispose of, wash them clean and make a puree. Use it as a face mask regularly to enjoy blemish free glowing skin. It is rich in vitamin B6 and is ideal for our skin health. This can also be used with little honey for best results. potato peel for skin care
  1. Potato peel

Potato peel is very useful for our skin and we can directly rub the potato peel on our face to cleanse it. Otherwise we can also grind in a blender and apply it on your face. Leave it dry for around 15 minutes. This guarantees fresh young looking glowing skin by whitening the skin. It is rich in Vitamin C and acts as a very good remedy for a lot of skin problems like acne, dark circles, blackheads and white heads. It can also be used to gain lustrous hair.
  1. Tomato peel

Tomato is a vegetable (in fact a fruit biologically) that we use in almost all our dishes. It is rich in Vitamin C and is good for our immune system. Though we do not peel off the skin of a tomato for cooking, it renders a lot of benefits to our skin. Just peel off the skin and apply it on your face and set an even skin tone. In addition to this, it removes blemishes, reduces open pores, clears blackheads and ensures glowing skin. It is indeed an effective way to treat sunburn, rashes and acne. Also, the oiliness of your skin gets reduced with the application of this.tomatoes-peels
  1. Carrot Peel

Not only rabbits but our skin loves carrots a lot. Eating raw carrots is ver good for our skin. And the peels of carrot when applied on the face acts as a good and natural remedy for treating wrinkles. Just apply carrot peel puree on your face and wash it after some time. this can be followed twice a week and in a few weeks one can clearly notice that wrinkles vanish into thin air.
  1. Bitter gourd

Many of us might hate it for its bitterness, once you start using it in your daily skin care routine, you will start loving its amazing benefits. It transforms your dull looking skin into a glowing and healthy skin. It guarantees healthy skin cells, removes wrinkles, and prevents premature ageing. It is also a natural way to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.beetroot peel
  1. Beetroot

Beetroot is a nutrient rich vegetable that is good for our skin. The colour of it is so tempting and it in fact guarantees you too tempting skin when consumed regularly. You can enjoy a rosy glowing skin with application of beetroot peel on your face regularly. It is the best remedy for tanned skin. Consistent and prolonged usage will definitely guarantee best results.Thus, a lot of vegetable wastes contribute towards saving our pennies and ensuring a glowing and healthy skin. From now, stop tossing them out and use them in a productive way to flaunt healthy and glowing skin for long!
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