10 Adverse Effects of Stress on Our Skin!

10 Adverse Effects of Stress on Our Skin!

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In our day to day life, stress has become an inevitable part. In fact, the life we lead is, inbuilt with stress and hence as humans we are used to it. However, when stress becomes too much on your plate, it can lead to various health-related problems and damage our skin to a large extent. Plunging in detail about how stress affects our skin can help us combat this issue efficiently. 

üò•Stress and Cortisol

The first thing that happens when our body is continuously exposed to stress is that our body releases many hormones. Mainly, all this commences with the adrenal gland leading to increased production of adrenaline, Cortisol, and norepinephrine. However, the primary hormone that paves the way to skin problems is Cortisol. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. As stress increases, the proportional production of cortisol increases. As a result, the inner self of our body handles these hormones, and the outer self of our body combats rashes, wrinkles, blemishes and so on. This eventually puts us at sixes and sevens. acne prone skin  

Adverse skin problems that arise out of stress:

Some of the usual skin related problems that pop up due to stress are as follows: 
  1. Acne (pimples)
  2. Skin rashes and blisters
  3. Redness
  4. Fine lines
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Dark spots
  7. Dark circles under the eye
  8. Dryness (Eczema)
  9. Itching skin
  10. Psoriasis

1. Acne

p>Stress does not directly lead to acne. But when under stress, there are ample chances for acne on our skin to get worse. Also, studies indicate that when under stress, the time is taken to heal wounds and acne is much longer and the severity keeps shooting up.


2. Skin rashes and blisters

Added to the emotional impact, there are physical effects such as skin rashes and blisters. It, in fact, doubles up our stress. Stress is the major factor that contributes to this but can be treated easily at home before it gets aggravated. But if the condition persists for long, preferably more than a month, then it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

3. Redness

It is stress that can lead to redness in the face and other parts of our body. So basically, stress can lead to premature ageing.

4. Fine lines

Sleep deprivation due to stress basically speeds up the ageing process by disturbing collagen and elastin production. Stress can lead to the formation of bags under your eyes.

5. Wrinkles

Like fine lines, our skin is prone to wrinkles due to stress leading to the disruption in collagen and elastin production. Added to this, stress induces changes in proteins.

6. Dark spots

Stress can make us look older and lead to an imbalance in the presence of good and bad bacteria. Stress eventually ends up disrupting the supply of oxygen, thus leading to uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Thereby you will end up battling with dark spots.

7. Dark circles under the eyes

With the supply of blood and oxygen being disrupted, the face looks dull, and the blood vessels that are present underneath our eyes turn out to be apparent. And what's next, your eyes that can speak get spoiled with dark circles. 

dark circles under eyes

8. Dryness (Eczema) The main factor that causes Dryness (Eczema) is the increase in the production of Cortisol due to stress. If you are suffering because of chronic stress, it is challenging to overcome this condition.

9. Itching skin As a result of the inflammation that arises out of increased production of Cortisol owing to stress, we might have to suffer from itching skin.

10. Psoriasis Everything is interconnected, and stress worsens itching skin leading to Psoriasis. Therefore, Psoriasis is dependent upon stress. Studies have also made the correlation obvious.  Hence, battling up with stress, reducing it slowly and overcoming it eventually will help you protect your skin from these conditions, thereby promoting skin health.

stress free skin

Ways to reduce stress:

The common ways by which one can reduce stress include the following:
  • Take a few deep breaths once in a while when you feel overstressed
  • Do meditation or yoga regularly to cope up with stress
  • Take time to relax in activities that you are interested in like gardening, reading, listening to music, dancing etc...
  • Get a proper sound sleep at night (8 hours per day is mandatory)
  • Intake of a healthy and balanced diet (avoid junk food altogether)
  • To exercise daily¬†
  • Strictly avoid harmful habits like consumption of alcohol and smoking
  • Talk and share your worries or troubles with your close friends or family members
  • Take up psychological counselling when it is out of your control¬†

It is impossible to nullify stress from our life, and hence it is ideal for grabbing proper skincare to avoid premature ageing and other effects that arise out of stress.  Skincare Regimen - Value Pack – Facewash + Toner + Moisturizing SPF would be the right choice indeed.

skincare regimen valuepack

Steps for practical usage:

Step 1: Papaya Face Wash (100ml): Cleanses skin to the fullest To commence, with the help of the Papaya Facial Cleanser - a triple action, anti-ageing face washes deeply cleanse your face. It ensures soft, clean, bright skin. Being young and ageless is no more a Herculean task.

Step 2: Alcohol-Free Toner (100ml): Guarantees even skin tone Once the cleansing process is accomplished, pat dry your face before using the Alcohol-free Facial Toner, free of harsh drying chemicals. It restores the skin's natural pH levels. And renders even skin tone.

Step 3: SPF45 Sunscreen (50ml): Moisturizes and shields your skin from the harmful effects of sun Are you done with the toning of the skin? Then tune it for moisturization. Mitchell USA's Age Prevention SPF 45 is a creamy, rich, dual-benefit oil-free and water-proof Sunscreen that moisturizes the skin and blocks 98% of UV rays. Though stress plays an inevitable role in our life, it is solely in our hands to handle it efficiently, not to spoil our emotional and physical health. Hence, take the best care of your skin and let stress not distress you and your skin!

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