4 Simple Techniques to Get Rid of Turkey Neck!

4 Simple Techniques to Get Rid of Turkey Neck!

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Worried about your neck skin resembling that of a turkey neck? What is a turkey neck? Why is it called so? How does it happen? Is there any way to get rid of it? Let us verb solve all these questions one by one.sagging skin

What is a turkey neck?

A turkey neck is nothing but a condition wherein your neck resembles a turkey, is wrinkled, and has sagging skin. A turkey neck might look nice on a male turkey, but it upsets us a lot.

How does it happen?

It is one of the common signs of ageing. Some of the reasons that attribute to this condition are:
  • Loss of elasticity:

Turkey neck usually results due to the skin losing its elasticity, and the neck muscles get weakened. It is mainly due to the low production of the main components, namely collagen and elastin. As the muscles get tired, skin starts to droop, and it appears to be sagging.continuous mobile usage causes turkey neck
  • Distribution of fat:

Excessive fat deposits in or around the neck can result in wrinkle folds, thereby resembling the turkey neck.
  • Position of bone:

The position of the various bones in the neck can also lead to such a condition.
  • Heredity:

Heredity might also contribute to this condition.
  • Exposure to sun:

Exposure to the sun leads to turkey neck.
  • Extensive use of mobile phones:

Continuous use of mobile phones leads to sagging skin.

Is there a way to curb this?

While it is not feasible to halt the natural process of ageing, there are a few things that we can do to preserve the health of our skin. The first and foremost way is to prevent this even before the onset. Here are the 4 simple techniques to overcome this:
  • Exercise/Yoga
  • Cosmetics/topical application
  • Diet (Collagen supplement)
  • Surgery
face exercise
  • Exercises to overcome turkey neck:

Regular exercise can help us stabilise this condition by tightening the skin muscles. Here are some of the prescribed exercises for turkey neck, but there is no proven evidence to support that this can completely root out turkey neck.

Neck lift:

  • Lie on a flat surface with your head up.
  • Use your neck muscles and lift your head high
  • Do this five times
Note: In case you experience neck pain, it is advisable to stop doing this exercise.

Forehead push:

  • By keeping your hands on the forehead, gently push your head against your hands.
  • Do not and be in this position for 10 seconds
  • Then, do the same with your hands on your neck.
  • Hold on to this for 10 seconds.
Note: This can be done while sitting or standing, whichever is of your comfort. Many such exercises support you in overcoming this condition.
  • Cosmetics for controlling turkey neck:

There are many neck firming creams available in the market that can serve as the best remedy to overcome this. These creams reduce wrinkles and fine lines and ensure an even skin tone. Mitchell USA's Anti-aging Neck Therapy Cream (50g) is one such cream that serves as the best remedy for the turkey neck. Its unique benefits include:
  • The appearance of skin around the neck gets enhanced
  • Sagging skin disappears
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Lotus Bio-RepairTM Formula
  • Restores decollete area
  • Fine lines around the neck diminish

Effective usage:

Regular usage of this Neck Cream lends us a helping hand in reducing turkey neck.
  • Diet/Nutrition:

It is essential to include food items like strawberries, beans, cherries, blackberries, raspberries etc... that are rich in antioxidants. This will steer apparent damage of free radicals. Plus, it is a mandate to keep ourselves away from harmful habits like smoking and consming alcohol. Also, intake of sugar should be curbed as it reduces the production of collagen. Regular intake of collagen supplements and antioxidant supplements reduces the visible signs of turkey neck, promoting good skin health.
  • Surgery:

Neck lift:

It is the procedure by which the fat underneath our chin is removed, and skin gets tightened. Ideally, it suits people between 40 to 60 years of age, and immediate results are visible, but it takes several months for swelling to disappear. It ensures firmer and younger-looking skin.


This is a micro-needling device by which collagen production is enabled in the dermal tissue. It emits radiofrequency heat energy that helps in tightening the skin. It is viable for all skin types. The process takes milliseconds, and visible differences can be seen within a few days. As days pass by, the improvement increases. Likewise, there are many more facial exercises and surgical procedures that can help us get rid of a turkey wattle. Among the wide range of options available to treat turkey neck, we must take the dermatologist's help to select a suitable technique and wave goodbye to the Turkey neck at the earliest.
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