Put the power of Imperial Peonies to test. And get ready to be surprised!

Put the power of Imperial Peonies to test. And get ready to be surprised!

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Embark on an enchanting journey with the majestic ImperialcPeony, a symbol of unrivalled beauty and grace. Originating from the sacred slopes of South Korea's Mt. Jiri-San, this exquisite flower has captivated hearts worldwide, emerging as the reigning monarch of the floral kingdom. Renowned for its extraordinary skin-enhancing properties, the Imperial Peony is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a potent ally in your quest for luminous, flawless skin. The dark side of skin story Gosh it’s real! An everyday story that begins with facing pollution, dirt, and humidity, and ends with skin discoloration, rough texture, post-acne marks, aging signs and dark spots.

Is there a bright side to the story?
The answer is a big Yes! A gentle, brightening skincare routine can fight all the woes, help fade discoloration and boost clarity for flawless, smooth skin. Shift to LightenUp ® !
The miracle lies in Imperial Peony Whether you have dark spots, discolorations or rough texture, Lighten Up is gentle, yet an effective skincare routine with ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal! Uniquely formulated to address the causes of flaws, dull skin, the miraculous power of peonies does wonders to visibly improve clarity. Our extensively researched and scientifically proven formulas are now here to genuinely address your flaws and fade discolorations with regular usage.

The life-changing 5-Step formula All you need to do is take the LightenUp ® skincare.

Have you explored ways to address flaws?
Well, if not try this gentle, soothing regime that respects the skin barrier while targeting specific causes of dull skin. The Lighten Up skin care line addresses concerns like uneven skin tone and dark skin with formulas that are both effective, gentle and adaptive to sensitive skin. Banish Blemishes & Beat the Clock
1: Microdermabrasion Cleanser
Take a dollop of brightening microdermabrasion gel to cleanse away dirt, oil and pollution. Formulated with the power of ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal, this daily exfoliating cleanser is mild enough to use twice daily, during morning and night, for brighter and smoother skin. It De-clogs like an expert and helps boost radiance for a visibly brighten skin. Also erases unevenness for a smooth, refined appearance.
2: Glow Tone: Facial Lotion
Who doesn’t crave for a toned look? Well, all does. So here’s to a glowing toner which is multi-talented. A skin flaw treatment that soothes skin to bring in clarity. After cleansing, this is an advisable step to prepare the skin with an alcohol-free lotion. The hydrating formula with ‘Imperial Peony’ petal refreshes dull, tired-looking skin, helps soften, tone and smooth the skin texture to reveal a radiant and perfect-looking complexion. It’s absolutely safe having an anti-irritant formula, suitable for most sensitive skins. This step preps the skin for moisturization by reducing enlarged pores, helps in make-up removal and addresses dead skin cells.
3. Clarity Correcting: Balancing Serum
Formulated with a potent complex of ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal, this efficacious serum visibly corrects dark skin and flaws for a brighter, more radiant skin. It categorically reduces a wide spectrum of dark spots, including those caused by age, UV damage, post-acne marks and hyperpigmentation! Alongside it helps to diminish the intensity of melanocytes while also addressing skin pigmentation. What else to expect? Host of benefits like refined skin texture for a smoother appearance, boosts overall clarity for a visibly brighter, radiant complexion.
4: Smooth Radiance: Clarifying Day Cream
Experience the miracle of this moisturizer first hand. With intensive hydration, this unique potion corrects the appearance of rough texture and skin discoloration. Infused with ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal, this formula brightens skin for optimal clarity, helps improve skin tone and smooths rough texture. Armed with UVA and UVB to protect from Photo aging, this day cream provides all day hydration and moisturization if applied once in the morning on a cleansed face.
5. Bright Boost – Renewing Night Cream
A skin clarity perfector, induced with the power ‘Imperial Peony’ Petal that visibly helps reduce discoloration, hyperpigmentation and fades skin flaws. All you need to do is apply and go to sleep. Rest assured that it will do its job while you get some shut eye! Wake up to find tan vanishing slowly, skin brightening up skin with a radiant skin tone and restoring suppleness.
Now that your 5-Step routine is sorted, simply start putting it into practise and see the wonder of Imperial Peony Petal do its job!

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