The Secret lies in the Sacred Lotus

The Secret lies in the Sacred Lotus

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The history of the Sacred Lotus goes back a long way. The mention of this unique blossom is mentioned in ancient scriptures across the globe and also in Indian Puranas, Vedas and all scriptures. The commonality remains across cultures that the Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) held the secret of health, beauty and longevity. Be it in India or China it is categorically stated that Buddhist monks cherished this Sacred Lotus Flower. They cultivated Lotus blossoms in the rivers and believed it held the secret of life. They taught their disciples that the universe was formed from the heart of the Lotus Seed. And after thousands of years, we are compelled to believe that they were right.

In a UCLA study conducted by plant physiologist Jane Shen-Miller, an ancient Lotus seed germinated after lying dormant for over 1,200 years. It was the oldest seed ever found and was discovered in the 1920s in a deposit of Lotus fruits in a dry lake bed at Pulantien, China. It is ‘the oldest demonstrably viable and directly dated seed ever reported,’ according to the report in the American Journal of Botany. The seedling has been growing since March 1994, and continues to demonstrate “robust” growth. Unbelievably, the seeds had resisted the aging process for over 1000 years. While most seeds deteriorate after a few years, these lotus seeds, upwards of 1288 years, sprouted into beautiful flowers, making them the oldest seeds to germinate on record!

So what is the miracle ingredient in there? After further analysis, the scientists discovered a protein repair enzyme called L- isoaspartyl methyltransferase (MT) in it. Damaged proteins did not accumulate within these ancient sacred lotus seeds, suggesting that MT enzyme, which was still present at normal levels, helped the ancient seeds defy aging for over 1000 years.

When dermatologists tested an extract of the Sacred Lotus seed in skin care formula, the protein repair enzyme, with a rich blend of antioxidants, it had an amazing anti-aging effect on the skin. Clinical tests in the US showed the skin care formula with the ‘Lotus Seed’ extract reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles, by as much as 50%, and increased elasticity up to 82% over 4 weeks.

Thus germinated the idea of AGE-LESS. The crux being just like the 1288-year-old sacred lotus, anyone can rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and radiate into the world. Though created in USA, the Age-Less range has been rediscovered and redesigned for the Indian skin.

Keeping these factors in mind, the range was created and formulated specifically for Indian skin complexities under control of laboratories and formulators in USA and Canada. Till date, unfortunately, most competitive brands have been formulated keeping global skin types in mind – not realizing the fact that skins are unique, and formulations must adapt to such needs.

Understanding tropical skin conditions and developing products using the knowledge of Sacred Lotus, was the deepest challenge. Studying skin conditions prevailing in India, brought up the issue of photoaging to the surface. Photoaging is the process of aging that is due to the effects of sunlight, whereas intrinsic aging occurs in the absence of sun exposure. Photoaging is common with lighter brown skin. It also occurs in individuals who experience intense sun exposure. With photoaging, skin discolorations, uneven skin tone and areas of hyperpigmentation are a prominent feature. Changes in the texture of the skin occur and it often becomes rough to touch. ‘Warty’ growths begin to develop on the face and neck. The skin appears dull and lifeless. Hence a unique formulation for skin types was developed to address this unique phenomenon. But then there was a need of a path-breaking one. The power of Sacred Lotus came into being.

Mitchell’s effective AGE-LESS regime for flawless, younger skin came in to address the woes. A good daily skin care routine has always remained vital to keep skin clean, hydrated, protected, healthy and glowing. And the range designed with the power of magical Lotus power, takes care of this regime in entirety right through Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize & Protect.
Banish Blemishes
AGE-LESS Papaya Brightening Cleanser is the first step to begin with. Enriched with a unique Sacred Lotus Seed, it promotes smooth skin and brightens the complexion. After cleansing, comes basic exfoliation. The AGE-LESS Insta-Brite Skin Polish with Sacred Lotus Seed and Jojoba instantly softens and improves texture of the skin. It restores youthful radiance, making the skin glow almost instantly.

After polishing one needs to define facial definition by sculpting the face and jaw line by uplifting the look of the face and neck. The luxurious AGE-LESS Sculpting Cream Mask elevates the face with a firm lift & younger look. Enriched with Lotus Bio Repair Complex and cooling antioxidant properties of Bamboo, Barley and Cucumber, it also helps improve skin texture, smoothens and softens skin.

After cleansing, polishing and sculpting, Toning is an essential step in any healthy skincare regimen. AGE-LESS Alcohol-Free Facial Toner is specially formulated with Sacred Lotus Seed, Chamomile, Cucumber and Aloe Vera. It’s a blessing to get a clean, refreshing toning experience without the harsh drying effects of alcohol.

Next step is moisturizing, that replenishes the skin's natural moisture. All AGE-LESS creams and serums are formulated with specific aging needs, keeping region specific skin and climatic conditions in mind.  AGE-LESS Lift & Firm Tightening Serum tightens the skin within 5 minutes, with its instant lift botanical complex from the Sacred Lotus Seed. It energizes tired skin and minimizes wrinkles.

The lightweight AGE-LESS Lineless Eye Complex Serum minimizes and reduces tiny lines near the outer corners of eyes. Reduces puffiness, as well as dark circles.

Dark spots are caused by the deposition of pigment or melanin, or even Sun damage, as one gets older. AGE-LESS Intensive Dark Spot Remover Fading Serum acts on all dark spots, irrespective of age and skin tone. With Sea Fern extract & Pomegranate oil, it helps maintain an even skin tone improves elasticity of skin in just 4 weeks. With Peptide hydration, AGE-LESS Skin Energizer lightly hydrates, moisturizes, rejuvenates and energizes stressed skin, promotes radiance and luminosity.

Why should the face get all the attention? What happens to the neck then? The unique AGE-LESS Neck Therapy is the answer. From the first application, one will feel a reduction in aging lines around the neck. Its youth peptides and Sacred Lotus Seed tones up drooping skin, besides tightening visible ‘sagging’ at the neck area. One also needs to treat skin overnight and rehydrate with a unique formulation. In addition one needs a boost of Vitamin C at night; not just the conventional 20%, but a whopping 80%.

The AGE-LESS Vitamin A1 + HA + Vitamin C Face Powder Regimen with the Sacred Lotus Seed is a focused treatment to slow aging and promote skin surface turnover. The serum has premium grade retinol that helps skin cell production and increases collagen. The AGE-LESS Night Therapy with the Sacred Lotus Seed, Matrixyl and Argireline* repairs and replenishes aging skin overnight. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and specially nourishes dry dull skin.

Now comes Protection! Can it be overlooked? No way! The immediate danger of too much sun is sunburn. With repeated sun damage, the skin starts to look dry, wrinkled, discoloured, and leathery. The unique AGE-LESS Age-Prevention SPF 45 is ideal, as it blocks almost 98% of UVA and UVB rays. It is also waterproof. While protecting from the sun, its Sacred Lotus Seeds helps prevent lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity and helps nourish skin by replacing lost moisture. A powerful complex of antioxidants – Green Tea and Vit. A & E, helps maintain an even skin tone.

Is your hair follicle clogged with oil & dead skin cells? Then there’s chance for acne to pop up, along with whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. The AGE-LESS ACNE+ANTI-AGING REGIMEN addresses what conventional single-use creams cannot. It is probably the ONLY focused trio-regimen, enhanced with Lotus Seed Extracts, that addresses acne prone aging skin.

The magic of Sacred Lotus Seed seems to be endless! Not only does it radiate the skin, but also the hair. A whole range of products have been formulated to take care of the hair woes.

It’s high time we explore the magic of Sacred Lotus Seed and see it work its magic on our skin and hair. Let’s remember it’s the secret ingredient for ages and is still here to bring us that ethereal glow.

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