When skin problems pour,  Combat first the open pore!

When skin problems pour,
Combat first the open pore!

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Strawberries are great fruit to eat, but what if your skin starts looking like one! It’s not a great compliment to be referred to as ‘Strawberry Skinned’. In an orchard it is a fruit of beauty, but poked, dotted, bumpy and dents are not particularly good attributes of a healthy skin. Open pores can create havoc to skin, and not-to-mention, to confidence too! And then the dents turn into black holes to further aggravate the paranoia quotient.  So why not handle the woes before summer heat turns little problems into big monsters? Well, let’s start with some magical ingredients that can do the tricks!

Get to know Sacred Lotus closely

The history of the Sacred Lotus goes back a long way. The mention of this unique blossom is mentioned in ancient scriptures across the globe and also in Indian Puranas, Vedas and all scriptures. The commonality remains across cultures that the Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) held the secret of health, beauty and longevity. Be it in India or China it is categorically stated that Buddhist monks cherished this Sacred Lotus Flower. They cultivated Lotus blossoms in the rivers and believed it held the secret of life. They taught their disciples that the universe was formed from the heart of the Lotus Seed. And after thousands of years, we are compelled to believe that they were right.

In a UCLA study conducted by plant physiologist Jane Shen-Miller, an ancient Lotus seed germinated after lying dormant for over 1,200 years. It was the oldest seed ever found and was discovered in the 1920s in a deposit of Lotus fruits in a dry lake bed at Pulantien, China. It is ‘the oldest demonstrably viable and directly dated seed ever reported,’ according to the report in the American Journal of Botany. The seedling has been growing since March 1994, and continues to demonstrate “robust” growth. Unbelievably, the seeds had resisted the aging process for over 1000 years. While most seeds deteriorate after a few years, these lotus seeds, upwards of 1288 years, sprouted into beautiful flowers, making them the oldest seeds to germinate on record!

Thus germinated the idea of AGE-LESS by Mitchell! And who can be best benefitted now? The answer is loud and clear- the summer warriors! The crux being just like the 1288-year-old sacred lotus, anyone can rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and radiate into the world.

Though created in the USA, the Age-Less range has been rediscovered and redesigned for the Indian skin. Understanding tropical skin conditions and developing products using the knowledge of Sacred Lotus, was the deepest challenge.

Make it a bright and beautiful life

Mitchell’s effective AGE-LESS regime for flawless, younger skin came in to address the woes. A good daily skin care routine has always remained vital to keep skin clean, hydrated, protected, healthy and glowing. And the range designed with the power of magical Lotus power, takes care of this regime in entirety right through Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize & Protect. So let’s combat the skin woes aggravating due to summers.

AGE-LESS Papaya Brightening Cleanser is the first step to begin with. Enriched with a unique Sacred Lotus Seed, it promotes smooth skin and brightens the complexion. A gentle, yet deep-pore cleansing that will naturally boost up the skin with brightness.

So, with the sun threatening to scorch your skin, put skincare regime as priority. Cleanse diligently, address flaws, look radiant and feel exuberant! Get armed with lotions and potions and set the beauty quotient beaming. Say bye bye to sun scare!

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