You don’t know what you are missing!

You don’t know what you are missing!

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If you are missing out on saffron power.

The sun is melting us down, burning us red hot and scorching us like crispies. So how to protect our skin from sun damage? The power is hidden in saffron! Known to be one of the most expensive spices around the world, saffron offers an array of benefits to the skin. It is the ultimate in skin revitalization and tone uniformity. With a heavy concentration of premium grades of Saffron, it defies all signs of dullness. Leaving no scope unturned, Mitchell’s Clear Balance has researched a new line of skin care that gets its power from the floral superpower.

Saffron from Iran is your secret friend.

Befriend the precious ingredient right away!

It blooms once a year in the autumn and its source, the crocus plant, which has to be harvested before the sun rises. The three crimson pistils that contain the precious saffron have to be plucked out by hand, and it takes 150 flowers to produce one gram of the high-value ingredient. Cleopatra mixed it with milk to bathe in, the spice was slathered over the body of ancient royalty as a sign of prosperity. Alexander the Great valued it for its ability to heal war wounds. No wonder, Mitchell was honoured to receive the brand trademark!

Science meets beauty.

And Saffron products are born!

Efficacy is all in the extraction process. ‘SAARGOL’, as Saffron is called in Persian, uses a 4-step process which involves a constant distillation to make the most of its already powerful skin brightening properties. The essence of the pistils are extracted, clarified, distilled & then concentrated for maximum potency, four steps that result in more crocin & crocetin than the first group of extract. The potency in formula paired with the invigorating scent of Saffron.

Meet Clear Balance summer skin favorites

Get into the CTMP mode!

Simply put: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize & Protect

Cleanse your skin with our SAARGOL Facial Cleanser. Enriched with an elixir unmatched in its ability exfoliate and eliminate unwanted toxins and impurities from skin. Now get onto the glowing need of brightening facial definition. Sculpting the face and jaw line in synergy with the skin’s natural renewal process by uplifting the glow of the face & neck, helping create a more toned appearance. The luxurious SAARGOL Face Sculpting Mask enhances the face with a glowing look. Enriched with Saargol Complex to lighten skin tone and cooling antioxidant properties of Bamboo, Barley & Soy Protein that protects the skin from free radicals. Time for the next step of toning. Tone your skin with our SAARGOL Alcohol Free Toner. Its Saffron formula protects skin from atrocities of heavy skin products. With toning taken care of, it’s moisturising time. Moisturizing replenishes the skin’s natural moisture which can prevent dry and dull skin. All SAARGOL creams are formulated with specific radiance needs; keeping region specific skin and climatic conditions in mind. SAARGOL Fix Serum also has toner properties. Sargol, Squalene & Soy Lightens skin within 5 minutes with visible reduction in pigmentation. It hydrates skin and protects from free radicals. Time to now top up your glow game. SAARGOL Dark Spot Remover Fading Serum evens skin tone and nourishes it. Passion fruit oil & Sesame Protein helps lighten skin. Daisy Flower amplifies the skin's defences with an even complexion. Now dab on some SAARGOL Day Cream. Saffron and Arbutin creates a reflective barrier to protect skin from sun damage, promoting radiance & luminosity. Mushroom extract and Almond Oil improves skin tone. Don’t forget about the night care! Never! The luxurious SAARGOL Night Cream with the miraculous Saffron and Bearberry Extracts radiate the skin overnight. It enhances skin tone and promotes clarity. Mushroom extracts rejuvenate the skin with a clear tone. And never discount body care over face! SAARGOL Revitalizing Body Oil moisturises the skin with a healing touch of Saffron. Oil rich with Acai, Macadamia, Olive, Passion Fruit and Argan to brighten the skin.

Now that you have the superpower to be beautiful, even in the scorching heat, let not the Sun scare you any further. Glow like a bulb and combat all the weather woes like a warrior. Get, set, GLOW.

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