Don't wear makeup? What's the skincare routine to follow

Makeup is not everybody’s cup of tea. To be fair, it’s not recommended for some skin types to wear makeup. And, of course it’s a personal choice. Your skin can look radiant and youthful even without makeup. Let us look at skincare tips and steps that you can follow if you don’t wear makeup for glowing skin.

Many of you must be already aware of the CTM routine. Do ensure to follow this simple 3 step routine for healthy and eve glowing skin. Let us take look at what the CTM routine is.


Cleansing: Cleansing is the primary step of any skincare routine. Use a cleanser suitable for your skin gently unclog your pores and cleanse your skin. If you don’t have a cleanser, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Toning: Toning is a process which reduces the size of your skin pores and makes you look younger. It also evens out and improves your skin tone and removes traces of grime and impurities if any are left after cleansing. Use an alcohol free toner for best results.

Moisturizing: Moisturizing is one of the most crucial steps in skincare, especially so in winters. Moisturizers help treat and prevent dry skin, protect sensitive skin improving its texture and masks blemishes.

Eye Serum: Under eye puffiness is one of the most prominent signs of aging. If you tackle this issue, your face looks the most radiant and youthful. Use an eye serum which helps with this and also targets other issues like fine lines and crow’s feet.

Sunscreen: Ensure that you use a sunscreen every day. It is a myth that you need to use it only when you step out. So use it every single day even in winters. It helps protect your skin against harmful UV rays.

A pro-tip: Use an illuminating moisturizer when you are moisturizing. This will give your face an instant radiance and glow. Mitchell USA has a Skin Energizer which is a moisturizer which gives an instant radiant look to your skin.

Follow these steps if you want skin that shines and stands out healthily even without makeup. Never mind makeup but make up your mind!

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